Sunday, July 10, 2016


Last week my friends from VOID OMNIA unleashed their first full-length 'Dying Light' onto the world, complete with cover art from yer very own peepeehed. It has always been a pleasure working with and for bands, but this time has been somewhat exceptional in that I've been able to see the record released and subsequently also reviewed with many reviewers praising the cover art! It's only a sentence here and there, but the positive feedback feels good and I'm really happy to see my boys getting so much praise for what really is a classic Black Metal record. Reviews follow below, check out, listen, download 'Dying Light' at the VOID OMNIA bandcamp page >here<    

-trvefrykt zine (in German)
-Reckoning Hour (Greek webzine)
-Ethereal Black Metal (Facebook review site)