Tuesday, January 19, 2016


This year has been politically charged like all other years certainly, but living in Germany has provided a closer-up perspective on certain issues, namely the middle eastern refugee situation. The divide in opinion is pretty big and also (as political issues will be) very polarized. This drawing was commissioned by German hardcore band Morbid Mosh Attack to use as the cover for their forthcoming album.

Hopefully this image helps bring better into focus the plight of refugees the world over. Escaping oppression, tyranny, and violence only to be discriminated against and hated in a new land (by citizens and authority alike) is an unfortunate and tragic fact of life for far too many people in the world today. If you are privileged enough to not be a cultural alien, to speak the language of the country you live in, to have the same skin tone as your fellow citizens, to have a safe and sanitary place to live, to have a job,  money, clothes, car, etc. then consider yourself very lucky and extend a bit of compassion to those that have no such thing.