Thursday, November 15, 2012

Updates, updates everywhere!

...and i could use a drop to drink!!!

whew! Busy season at the Peepeehed HQ. Putting together a new comix zine for the wintertime, check out the 'Island Life' page for a taster of the newest funk...

Rehauled the whole blog and added a ton of new stuff! I recently moved back home (the SF bay area, mwah! love ya) and I am back to working on fliers and design work, so if you need the best cartooning to advertise your event or band, get at me!

Lastly, after moving my stuff around for the last few years, I've accumulated a glut of older artwork that's taking up space where i could have new artwork. Take a peek at the 'Xmas art sale' page and see if there's anything that agrees with you!